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My 40th birthday was celebrated in elegant fashion on an unseasonably hot winter afternoon in August 2002 at the home of my parents in Sydney. Thanks to all who came along and made it such a special day. Thanks to Justin for his memorable speech. And thanks to Bob King for his great photos, more than 60 of which are on this page. Scroll away!! Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures.

Birthday Girl

Jo, Fay and Justin

Hungry friends

Hungry birthday girl

L-R: Dorelle, Jane, Mal, Meredith, Paula,
Richard, Neil

L-R: Alison, Paul, Melinda, David, Gabrielle and Craig

Ging and Jeffrey

Andrew (Stutch),
Norm and Mike

James, Jan and Andrew

Luciana, Anna and Judy

The scene at the bar

Gwen, Debbie, Melinda

David M and expressive birthday girl

Michele, Tania and Debbie

Michele, Debbie and Tania

Paula, Debbie, Tania

Justin and Stephen wax lyrical and literary

Birthday Girl and her Mum

Jo and Fay

Luciana giving the eye

Milton and Roni




Poolside partying

Gazebo partying

Stephen, David S, Kirsten

Gwen, Meredith,
David L, Gerry


Debbie and John

Debbie, Norm, Mike,
Peter and John

Debbie and Stephen

Jane, Neil, Greg, Richard

Meredith, Debbie, Elloise

Elloise partakes

Basking in the glow

Ricky, Debbie, Melinda

Leanne and Mark

Debbie and Leanne

Alison, Debbie, Melinda

Justin and Fay

David M, Richard
and David L

Debbie and parents

Deb and Dad

Fay, Justin, Lou, Lisa

Fay, Debbie, Justin,
Lou, Lisa

Blowing time

Well blown

Jeffrey introduces speeches

Attentive audience

Justin takes the floor

An appreciative crowd

Justin entertains

Justin entertains
some more

Debbie thanks Justin

Debbie thanks everyone

Debbie thanks Mum

Debbie says,
"Let them eat cake!"

They eat cake

Debbie, Gabrielle and
Craig eat cake

Debbie, Mal and Paula

Elloise, Stephen,
Debbie, Gerry

Debbie and Gwen

KHS roll call

Opening presents
much later...

... and then
Clare turned up!

You can see photos from my other 40th birthday party in Los Angeles here.

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