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This section is not merely about my years as a radio presenter. It's about the all-pervasive influence in my life of music programming on radio and television, particularly in the 1970s.

My affinity for radio meant I was bound to turn up on the airwaves eventually. Heavily influenced by radio personalities such as Ian MacRae, Ron E Sparks and Doug Mulray in Australia, and Casey Kasem, Jim Ladd and Mark & Brian in the US, I ended up developing a style that – I hope – reflected all of their talents... in a female version, of course!

This is where I take you back to my early influences as an Australian teenager. To say I was obsessed with music media is an understatement, and that obsession shaped my life personally and professionally. From my years as a 2SM junkie in the '70s to my love for Triple M in the '80s, my avid music TV watching, and my favourite radio and music TV in the UK and USA, it's all here.

I also relate the joy of my time on air with BAY FM in Byron Bay, past and present, and share some lists that have sprung from my show — my favourite CDs, songs, music books, Byron dogs and more. There are even some interesting audio clips for you to hear some of the "Debbie Does Breakfast" magic!

In 2007 I was heard weekly on air on ABC Coast FM, so there's a page on that, too.

Scroll on down this page, click on the links and take a trip through my radio daze!!

All roads lead back to 2SM. There were radio stations before-hand, most significantly 2UW, and there were stations that came after, such as 2DAY FM and Triple M. But there has never been another station that I have listened to anywhere in the world that had the magic of 2SM in the 1970s.

There were the all-important music television shows, of course. Before, during and after Countdown there was Sound Unlimited (renamed Sounds). There were the afternoon shows Flashez and Right On. There were the grown-up late night shows Nightmoves and Rockarena. All had lasting effects on me, more so than most of the kids I grew up with.

Click on the logos at right to find out more about what was turning me on music and media-wise in my formative teenage years. 2SM has a fantastically detailed page all of its own. Or go to the Australian Music Media page to find out about all the others.

Australian music media logosTriple M2UWSound UnlimitedFlashezNightmovesCountdown2SM

After finishing high school I spent an extremely important six-month period living in London, where Capital Radio took over 2SM's role as my best-friend broadcaster. London has changed and so has Capital but they were great radio days in 1980!
Overseas music media logos When in Los Angeles for many years it was always a toss-up between Arrow 93, at one time possibly the best classic rock station in the world, but which is no longer on air, and KLOS, which mixes classic rock with adult contemporary rock and broadcasts the funniest breakfast show imaginable.

As for music television in the USA, there is nothing that compares to VH1, with its totally addictive Behind The Music series.

I actually worked in radio in LA for a while, and you can find out about that and all my overseas music media experiences by clicking on the logos at left.

In November 2008, after an eight-year break, I resumed presenting Debbie Does Breakfast on BAY FM. BAY FM is one of Australia's most dynamic community radio stations. If you click through on the logos at right you can find out about my most recent incarnation of the show and listen to some soundbites and podcasts.

The first incarnation of Debbie Does Breakfast was from 1994 to 2000, except for when I was overseas. There's a detailed history of those days when BAY FM was an up-and-coming force in community radio.

BAY FM logo
Find out all about Debbie Does Breakfast through the years (and decades), view lists of my favourite CDs and songs, the best reading to equip one for a well-researched music program, and which dogs were on my weekly Dog Dedication segment. You can also view sample playlists, listen to some of my famous — and infamous — celebrity program IDs, and find out a bit more about the radio station on the eastern-most point of the Australian mainland.

In 2007, I was on the airwaves doing a weekly music segment on ABC Coast FM. Click on the ABC logo to find out what that was all about.

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