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* This section is very out of date. As of December 2014 I have been living in Los Angeles. Eventually I will either overhaul this section of the Debsite or at least tweek it to reflect the fact that this is all history. And good history it is...


They say that home is where the heart is. In that case my heart is all over the place. It's torn in three parts right now — Sydney, Byron Bay and Los Angeles — and for quite a long time London also figured into the equation.

While I elaborate on my overseas homes in the Jetsetter section of this site, this is the place to find out all about life in Australia. My life, anyway. I grew up, was educated, and spent the first phase of my career in Sydney. My parents and most of my friends are in Sydney, and it's where I currently live. But for me the heart is where the property is, and my true soul place is in Byron Bay. My dog feels the same way, too.

Here you can delve into my life experiences, friendships, adventures and canine affections on the east coast of Australia. It's an extremely autobiographical section with lots of memories, lots of interesting people, lots of fun.

Sydney Style Growing up in Sydney was pretty cool, long before it was one of the world's most sought-after destinations. Find out about my younger years, my cultural pursuits, especially my musical exploits, and life as an adult in the greed-is-good Eighties and the post-Olympics Noughties in this cosmopolitan city.

I went to Byron Bay for a brief holiday and decided to stay. Check out life in a paradise that is Australia's coolest coastal town. Byron Bay Bliss

Dog Days I once thought that having a webpage dedicated to one's dog would have to be the daggiest thing. But Morgan is worth it. You can meet the love of my life, and other dogs I've known or still know in my Dog Days.

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