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How did we describe Sydney before Ken Done started painting it? Or before there was even a Sydney Opera House to paint? I'm not sure that I even had a sense of being a Sydney-sider when I was a young child. I might have been growing up in the suburbs of any city in any country of the western world. I didn't know that being "down under" meant that everybody else was many thousands of miles away. I was just leading a normal childhood life.

As I moved into my adolescent years I became far more aware of that distance, particularly as my love for music became all-consuming. I had to wait for my favourite bands to tour Australia, and although they all did come, they didn't come all that often!

Ken Done Sydney painting
© Ken Done
My high school days were gloriously happy and I still treasure the friendships that began at Killara High in the 1970s. As soon as school was over I was travelling my butt off around the world, but I always came home, and moved on to the next phase of my life. University, work, new friendships... all from what I began to realise was a uniquely Australian perspective.

Debbie aged 2, 10 and 17 YOUNGER YEARS
From being one of only six little students in my primary school grade to being one of 200 in my high school year, my school days were fairly happy and care-free, and in this very personal autobiographical section of the site you can re-visit those days in the old school yard with me. Click on the young Debs at left.

From my first pop concert in 1975 through to my stage debut with Sherbet, music was always at the heart of my life. This is where you find out about what Debbie did musically in her Sydney life before it became her working life. Click on my musical montage for more.
Concert tickets and music photos

Debbie and friends in the '80s and early '90s ROARING TWENTIES
I did university... I did Dallas... I did shoes... I did theatre... Sydney was a great place for a single chick in her twenties in the '80s and early '90s. Check out my wide shoulder-pads and highly-cultured friends by clicking on the pictures at left.

The beaches of Sydney and the surrounding coasts aren't half bad. Click on the beach pics for a surf through my years of sea, sand and sun.
Deb on various beaches

Debbie and friends today THESE DAYS
Although I didn't think I could ever live in Sydney again after such a long time in Byron Bay, my work brought me back in 2000 just after the Sydney Olympic Games were over and the city was — and still is — in bombastic self-aggrandizing mode. Expensive, crowded and cold, it's still home, I guess, and while I am living here, this section will always be a work in progress. Click on the group photos for all the latest on life in Sydney.

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