Debbie Kruger
Moving to Byron Bay in early 1993 was the most spontaneous and whimsical thing of major significance I have ever done. It was also the most glorious move I ever made. Despite going back to Sydney to live and work there for six years from 2000 to 2006, not a day went by that I didn't wake up wishing I was back in Byron. It's my soul place, and where I belong.

Byron Bay has gone through many changes in the past 14 years, and even when I drifted into town there were many friends I made who had been there more than 20 years and who could testify to the numerous changes it had undergone since their arrivals. That's the nature of a place like Byron Bay. In this section you can find out what drew me to Byron and keeps me there, no matter where else my work and heart sometimes take me.

In Part 1 of my Byron Bay story, I meditate on the beach, hang out at my favourite cafe, form lasting friendships, ride tractors, live with cows and horses, and more! You can visit pages detailing my life on the coast and my life on the land, during the first phase of my life in Australia's most beautiful spot. Just click on the pictures above to start the magical journey.

In Part 2 of my Byron Bay story, I rediscover the beauty of my environment and relish in the space and tranquility of my home. I get to work on rewarding projects and start hanging out with new friends. This is the page to go for all the latest news on Debbie Does Byron. Click the pictures above and join me in true bliss.

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