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I had no idea I was a dog devotee until Morgan landed in my life. Before then our family had had a couple of dogs but I didn't quite develop a profound emotional attachment to a four-legged furry friend until my angel dog came along. This section is an unashamed tribute to my baby and others who have touched my life and/or the lives of my friends.


She was the love of my life, enchantress of my soul, creature of perfection, my broadcasting muse and the friendliest most loving, tolerant, patient dog ever put on this universe. She was also a sassy, saucy strumpet and a scoundrel, too. Come and meet Morgan and you will fall in love, as so many have. Just click on that happy angel on the right.

From my childhood dog Micky to my mother's sweet but doomed treasure, Brandy, and all the dogs Morgan and I have befriended in Byron Bay and beyond — from Melbourne to Austin to Palm Springs — this is where you can meet some other perfect (and not so perfect) pooches. Click on the pictures the left.

Walking dog

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