Debbie Kruger
Jetsetter USA LOS ANGELES 40th Birthday Party
Six days after my fabulous Sydney party, I was celebrating 40 for the second time, on the other side of the Pacific. My LA party was an Aussie BBQ with mellow SoCal music and a crazy eclectic bunch of friends, some of whom travelled great distances to get there, for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks to Anastasia & John for entertaining the troops. And a big thanks to my hero, Henry, for sharing his house with us all, and for taking so many (too many) photos. This page features some of his and some of mine. Close-ups of body parts are most definitely his. Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures. Be sure to scroll all the way down, now!

Birthday Girl

Paul, Judy and Henry

Russ, Julie,
Debbie and Anastasia

Corinne and Mark

Peter and Nancy

Janine, Debbie, Nancy

June and Debbie

Barbara and Gary

Anastasia & John

More A&J

Anastasia's adornment

A&J's audience

Sharon and Randy

Photographer Deb

Photographer Henry

Phil and Stefanie

BBQ chefs

Janine the BBQ Queen

Pete cooks up a treat

Shrimp on the barbie

Come and get it!

Phil, Stef and Deb

Henry and Debbie

Pauline and Jennifer

Cake time

Thanking y'all

Henry wants to have his cake and eat it too

Max just wants to eat

Debbie and Paul

Jennifer, Debbie
and Debbie

Deb and Pete

Anastasia, Deb & John

A show of hands

A show of feet

A show of legs

And more legs


Debbie and Gerry

Cathy, Joe and Gerry

That's really taking
the cake

Henry and Sharon

The beautiful Shaz

Deb and Punkin Pie

Thad and Jen

Pie takes the cake

Mark and Corinne
take the couch

What to open first?

Venice guitar picks!

Funky feet

Final foot

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