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Jetsetter USA SAN FRANCISCO 2004
From London I few across to San Francisco for a quick two-and-a-half day visit to see a couple of my gorgeous friends from Chanticleer, Tim and Eric. Tim actually left Chanticleer a few years ago, and since I worked with the group in Brisbane in 1997 (which you can read about here), only Eric remains in the line-up, and the other close friends I made from that time, such as Frank and Philip, are living and working in places like Washington DC. But San Francisco always beckons, not just for friends but for spectacular views, friendly people, great shopping and steep hills for power walking! I couldn't go to California without stopping in to SF.
Staying in the Haight district, as I had also in 2002, I found myself with the perfect early morning walk up a steadily steep hill, Waller Street, to the picturesque Buena Vista Park. It nearly killed me. But at the top were some rewarding views. I love that San Francisco fog lying softly on the bay between the hills. A spectacular San Francisco view
Another spectacular SF view There are so many fantastic views in San Francisco and I am such a sucker for them... When the rest of Jetsetter is finally complete and the entire San Francisco section is online, you'll see many more photos I've taken with the Golden Gate Bridge.
This is the view from the apartment I stayed in, just around the corner from my friend Tim's abode. Actually, Tim's friend Arturo let me use his cute loft-style studio for the three nights, so thanks to both boys for the hospitality!
Debbie on SF terrace And here I am on the terrace at Arturo's, with the sun beautifully highlighting the new tourmaline necklace I got from the Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights. I'd spent a wonderful day strolling around some of my favourite neighbourhoods, having a pedicure on Union Street, and eating my first Starbucks maple oat nut scone of the trip down on Chestnut Street in Cow Hollow. Bliss.
Here's Tim, one of my most special friends in the world. He'll be all over the SF section of Jetsetter when it's finally finished, so I won't go into detail about the history of our friendship here. He is a wonderful baritone singer, a singing teacher and gives great massage, too. His website is here. It will tell you all about his singing and nothing about his massages, but take my word for it. TIm Krol
Debbie and Eric And here I am with the best bass singer, wine connoisseur, foodie and moustache wearer I have ever known, my dear friend Eric. I have shared some incredible American, French, Russian, Chinese and Mediterranean meals with him. This time we dined at one of his favourite haunts, La Mediterrane on Fillmore.
Eric had big news for me — he's engaged! The lucky lady is Dorothee, a German girl who is doing a PhD in something extremely scientific and is involved in research and is super smart. They are tying the knot in June 2005 in Napa and it's sure to be an event of gastronimical and alcoholic delights. Dorothee and Eric
Banana Republic's biggest and best store — the flagship store — is in downtown San Francisco, so naturally I spent some time in there... Plus the elegance of the San Francisco Centre, the bustle of Union Square, the sophistication of Maiden Lane, the reliability of the Muni system (locals would debate that, but it behaved beautifully for me on this visit) and the clanging of those cable cars on Powell Street. Another perfect stay in San Francisco. Can't wait until next time.
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