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The Killara High School Class of 1979, including students who had started out with us in 1974 and for whatever reason did not stick with us all the way, have never been able to stay away from each other for long. We have had five official events: 2-year, 6-year, 10-year, 15-year and 20-year reunions. It's looking like the next gathering will be to celebrate 30 years — a long wait — but when it happens it will be another fabulous occasion. Killara High logo
The first reunion took place at Kent Middleton's house in Lindfield on Saturday 21 November 1981. Dress code was school attire, although some of us passed, but most of us were there and it was loads of fun.

The second reunion took place at "the house" on the KHS grounds on Saturday 30 November 1985. Also a great night.

Reunion invitations
I have no pictures from the first two reunions, for reasons I have never figured out, but if anyone else would like to contribute to this page, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy some photos from the three reunions that I did get photographic memories from.

This was held at the new Darling Harbour Convention Centre on Saturday 25 November 1989.
10-year reunion invitation I was on the organising committee for this one and my primary duty, other than speaking to Head Honcho Organiser Melinda aka "Flan" at least ten times a day, was getting the music together for the DJ. As vinyl was still in vogue back then, I enjoyed taking three-hour lunch breaks from Variety and scouring the second hand record stores on Pitt Street for 45 singles of all the songs that had charted between 1974 and 1979.
The renunion committee meetings were nearly as much fun as the night itself, and there is even some video evidence of one meeting at Gabrielle's house where Cookie and myself did some intensely meaningful ABBA impersonations.
10-year Reunion Committee
L-R: Debbie, Helen, Melinda, Gabrielle, Caroline, David, Meg, Carolyn and Liz
There is also a video of the 10-year Reunion and one day when I get really technically proficient I might put some clips up on this page. Meanwhile, here are some photos from the actual night, taken by myself, Caroline Cooke and Debra Hannigan. Click on thumbnails to see larger pics.

Merryn, Meredith, Janine, Debbie

Philip and Debra

Simon, Meredith, Jane

Meredith, Debbie , Clare

Debbie, Derani, Shari

Robyn, Melinda, Carolyn

GGOB, Debbie, Norm

Mike, Craig, Liz

Roan, Anna, Kathy, Andrew

Debbie, Kent, Laura, Nick

GGOB and
Connie Watson

Melinda, David, Gabrielle

Debra, Andrea, Jan, Caroline, Marina

Meg and David

Melinda and Andrew

End of night
group photo

This was held at the Greengate Hotel, Killara on Saturday 15 October 1994.
15-Year reunion invitation A more casual affair, this reunion was nevertheless meticulously organized by Melinda and another committee. I flew down from Byron Bay and was glad to catch up with some old friends who hadn't made it to the 10-year bash.

It was at the 15-year reunion that the mystery of the Mighty Erection of 1979, aka Bigus Dickus, was finally unravelled. Click here to find out more.

Once again the camera was at the ready, so enjoy the pics by clicking on the thumbnails.

Caroline and Meg

Karin, Janine,
Anne, Debbie

Debra. Derani, Shari

Debbie and Melinda

Melinda and Louisa

David M and Debbie

Gwen and Simon

Merryn and Conrad

Simon and Meredith

D Hamlin, Narelle
and Debbie

Janine and Jane

Mike and Tom

Michael and Debbie

Roan and Robyn

Andrea and Debra

End of night
group photo

This was held at the North Sydney Oval Function Centre on Saturday 2 October 1999.
20-year reunion booklet The organisers of the 20-year reunion did an amazing job and I really wish I could have been on this committee, but I was in Los Angeles for the first half of 1999 and in Byron Bay for the remainder. Under the expert guidance of Melinda, this reunion really had something for everyone. The venue was relatively casual so the ticket prices were kept low, while the mix of people who attended was the best yet. Several people who had not attended the reunions before suddenly came out of the woodwork so there were plenty of surprises.
A brilliant book was put together with profiles on many of the Class of 79, and this has since become a bit of a bible for anyone who was smart enough to buy one. Click here to read my introduction to Greying Years – KHS 20 Year Reunion. It was my final Killara High essay.
I took more photos than ever at this reunion, and managed to obtain a few of Cookie's more professional shots, too. I also attended the morning-after picnic that was organised at Bobbin Head. Despite the dreary weather, there was a nice handful of people there, plus their kids. You know what to do... click on the thumbnails and happy reminiscing.

Debbie, Sue,
Melinda, Robyn

Carolyn and Caroline

Debbie and Alison

Clare and David L

Clare, Vivian, Debbie, Meredith, Jane

Debbie and Melinda

Robert and Clare

Wendy, Sue, Michael

Melinda and Sally

Andrea and Anna

George, Debbie, Mike

Derani and Shari

Sandy and Gill

Jeffrey, Simon, Clare, Gabby, Vivian

Gabby, Andrea, Janine

Richard and Tim

Jenny, Roger,
Andrew, Carolyn S

Sandy, Gill, Andrew, Carolyn C

Debbie L, Meg, Merryn

Kim, Cassie, Phillipa, Prue, Amanda, Vivian

Conrad and Merryn

Debbie and Clare

George and Tom

Norm and Debbie

Mark and Debbie

Melinda and Steve

Shari, Meredith, Clare

Tom, Laura, Roger

Tim and Vivian

Robyn and Meg

Robert, Phillipa, Mark

Meredith, Karin, Debbie

Kim, Debbie L,
Robyn G, David M

Debbie, Alison, David

Picnic group

Picnic group with kids

Between reunions I catch up with a number of Killara High friends regularly, which you can find out about on other pages in this section of my site, particularly Sydney These Days.

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