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Elements Music, a newly established record company in New Zealand, presented Chicago's composer/keyboard player/vocalist Robert Lamm in a solo showcase concert filmed for DVD.

It took place on Wednesday 4 February 2004 at Sky City Theatre in Auckland and featured songs from his latest solo album Subtlety & Passion (my favourite CD of 2003) as well as his past solo albums and his best known Chicago hits. The band featured a few other Chicago members (Lee Loughnane, Jason Scheff and Tris Imboden), some New Zealand musicians, and Lamm's talented co-writer and co-producer on Subtlety & Passion, Hank Linderman, flown in especially from Los Angeles.

I played a small part in the release of Lamm's album in New Zealand, writing some publicity materials for Elements Music. I was in Auckland and was able to attend rehearsals for the show as well as the big event itself. The photographs here were taken by me at the dress rehearsal and the showcase concert, and this page is obviously less about my PR prowess than it is about celebrating the music and performance of Robert Lamm!
And now for the after-show happy snaps...
Robert Lamm and band, backstage at Sky City.
Just over 25 years to the day since I first met Robert Lamm and Chicago, with many meetings, concerts and a couple of interviews in between, here we were backstage after his Auckland solo showcase, the culmination of an interesting, entertaining and occasionally jaw-dropping few days!
When I met Chicago that first time in January 1979, Lee was the only member of the band I wasn't photographed with. In 2004 I told him it was time to fix that.
Hanging with Jason Scheff, who, along with Lee, provided some beautiful vocals on "Watching the Time Go By."
With my new pal Hank Linderman, who was so tired he needed to take a nap, midway through a beer.
And finally, here I am with my dear friend Janine who flew in all the way from St Paul, Minnesota, for some business and some good music down under.
Chicago and Robert Lamm feature in the Writer section of this website. Check out some interviews I did back in 1999 here.

To purchase Leap of Faith, the CD of Robert Lamm's Auckland concert, go to the Elements Music website by clicking on their logo.

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