Debbie Kruger
The Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) was my favourite Kruger PRofiles client. I was BIFF's publicist in 1995, 1996 and 1997, working with young, energetic and enthusiastsic teams headed by General Manager Gary Ellis - the best and fairest administrator I have ever worked with - and Artistic Director Anne Démy-Geroe, whose shy and demure style belied her amazing knack for picking up some of the most striking films on the world festival market.
I had so much fun working on BIFF. The lead-time to each festival was short and intense, the media were insatiable in their thirst for film information, and the filmmakers were usually more relaxed than the Biennial artists, because their work was already done and on the screen; they were not called upon to get on a stage and perform live.

If you click on each program image, you can visit some of the experiences I had working on the Brisbane International Film Festival, meet the filmmakers and the teams I worked with.

1995 BIFF logo
1996 BIFF logo 1997 BIFF logo
And if you want to check out what celluloid treats BIFF has in store this year, head on over to the BIFF website.

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