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Songwriters Speak had two fantastic launch events – a music industry party in Sydney and a literary festival launch with musical performances in Byron Bay.

At the Sydney book launch, L-R: Glenn Shorrock, Don Walker, Sharon O'Neill, Johanna Pigott,
Debbie Kruger, Todd Hunter, Martin Plaza, Greedy Smith, Iva Davies, Jim Keays and Brian Cadd.
Also present but not in photo were Richard Clapton and Garth Porter

Glenn and Jo Shorrock generously offered their home for the Sydney launch, which took place on Tuesday 2 August, 2005, and what a night it was! Glenn gave the official launch speech to a crowd of around 90 invited guests, including songwriters, music publishers, record company execs, media and good friends.
Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of photos from the night, most of which were taken by the wonderful Bob King, photographer supremo.

Author and book

Author and book

Books for sale

Helen Bateman & Jayne Denshire of Limelight Press with their author

Debbie and Jo Shorrock

Debbie with Glenn and Jo Shorrock

Debbie with Jim Keays

Jim, Debbie, Glenn

Peter Hebbes and Debbie

Rachel Ward with Glenn

Glenn Shorrock and Glenn A Baker

Michael Bald and Debbie

Debbie and Greedy Smith

Paul O'Gorman, Debbie, John Kovac

Debbie, Darelle White, Glenn Shorrock

Tania Buffin, Simon Savage and Debbie

Debbie with Todd Hunter & Johanna Pigott

Damien Trotter and Debbie

Angela Bishop and Debbie

Paula Kruger and her sister the author

Jo Shorrock, Angela Bishop and guests

Angela, Jo, Todd, Johanna and guests

Angela Bishop and Billy Birmingham

Billy and Debbie

Debbie with Alan Mansfield & Sharon O'Neill

Richard Wilkins, Alan, Sharon and Debbie

Debbie with Kate Murphy and Martin Plaza

Kate and Martin with Dickie and Glenn

David White, Debbie, Gill Robert

Barry Bissell, Nick Bennett and Billy

Amanda Pelman, Brian Cadd, Billy Birmingham

Glenn A Baker and the Mighty Whitey

Angela Bishop with Jim Keays

Martin & Greedy

Martin & Greedy

Debbie does News

Sharon O'Neill, Debbie, Alan Mansfield

Sharon and Debbie

Sharon and Alan

Glenn Shorrock, Iva Davies, Jim Keays

Iva and Debbie

Don Walker and Debbie

Jim and Don

Debbie and Richard Clapton

Greedy Smith, Brian Cadd, Amanda Pelman

Garth Porter and Debbie

Debbie and Skip Beaumont-Edmonds

Debbie and Glenn A Baker

Bob King and Debbie


Andrew Stutchbury, Ricky Dukes, Melinda Braun

Tracy Cahn and Debbie

Glenn launches book

Glenn speaks

Appreciative and emotional author

Watchful author

Attentive guests

Speech-giving author

Photo opportunity

Andrew Stutchbury, Debbie, Peter Dixon

Agent supreme, Rachel Skinner with client

Rachel and Debbie

Signing books

After the Sydney launch it was straight up to Byron Bay to participate in some panels as a guest of the Byron Bay Writers Festival. There we celebrated the literary launch of Songwriters Speak. Rob Hirst (of Midnight Oil and elsewhere) gave a warm and heartfelt speech and he had a sing, as did Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier. We were joined by other writers, festival attendees and a bunch of my old Byron friends. You can find out more about the festival by clicking the logo on the left.
For a great report on my Byron Bay Writers Festival launch, click here.

To hear an excerpt from my panel on "Writing about the Music Scene" with Rob Hirst and Andrew Stafford, click here. (7.4 MB MP3 file)

To visually experience some of the festive event, click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures.

Alana Valentine, Debbie and Fiona Wyllie discuss interviewing styles

Debbie in panel discussion

Reading from the book

Andrew Stafford, Deborah Conway, Willy Zygier, Rob Hirst and Paul Jarman discuss songwriting

Debbie and Barbi Von at book launch

Suzanna Clarke and Debbie

Debbie and Karena Wynn-Moylan

Rowna Caverly and Debbie

Helen and Jayne from Limelight Press

Author Speaks

Rob, Deborah and Willy prepare their launch set

Songwriters speak

Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier

Rob Hirst

Deborah, Debbie, Willy

Debbie and Rob

Debbie and Andrew Stafford

More book signing

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