Debbie Kruger
What a motley bunch they were... and yet how their voices delighted, entertained, soothed and solaced. Hopefully this gallery will grow as more pictures come to hand, but so far this is a pretty good collection of faces to put to those voices. Click on the thumbnails to see your mono radio heroes in glorious mono tones. 2SM denim logo

L-R: Mad Mel, John Torv,
Graham Roberts, George Wayne,
John Burnley, Mike Webb, Ian MacRae
and John Brennan (seated) 1969

Graham "Robbo" Roberts
and Ron E Sparx with a
gorgeously black Michael Jackson

Barry Chapman
circa 1975

David Essex with Ron E Sparx
April 1976

Ron E with Leo Sayer
circa 1976

Bob Maumill and George Moore with one of their more intellectually stimulating guests in 1976

Keith Williams, 1976

Alan Steele receives his NSW DJ of the Year Award from Ron E Sparx. Probably 1977

Peter Grace
circa 1978

Mal Hedstrom doing his Sonny Bono look in 1978

Mark Smith (front) and Gordon O'Byrne (right back) with winner of Bob Dylan portrait
April 1978

Chicago fan John Carroll
circa 1978

Steve Liebmann with Eric Willis on the campaign trail, 1976

Brian White
pre-moustache days

Muhammad Ali surrounded by L-R:
Barry Chapman, Gerry Caulfield,
David White, Ron E Sparx, Mandy Maier,
Sandy Patterson and the Hon Nick Jones, March 1979

Barry Chapman, Harry Chapin
and David White
August 1979


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