Debbie Kruger
Mike Gibson and George Moore were the darlings of morning radio in the mid to late 1970s. Just about everyone who was in the news, including international guests visiting Sydney, made it into the 2SM studios to sit at the Gibson and Moore microphone. And often they'd get their picture taken with the pair, who clearly had a very limited wardrobe budget. Great clothes for radio, I guess. 2SM denim logo

G and M with Steve Raymond
With radio and tv journo Steve Raymond
G and M with Kamahl
Making good radio karma with Kamahl
G and M with Kate Bush
George looks like he wants to beat around the bush with Kate
G and M with Tony Greig
With cricket man Tony Greig
Nice one Greggy!
G and M with Sir Robert Helpmann
With the legendary Sir Robert Helpmann
G and M with Brenda Vacaro
The boys with actress Brenda Vacaro
G and M with Sir Billy Snedden
Mug shot with Sir Billy Snedden
G and M with Belinda Green
Posing with a seriously sunned Belinda Green
G and M with Ingrid Mason
Thesp Ingrid Mason and a couple of couch potatoes

Joan Collins with the guys

Rolf Harris pays a visit to the G&M Show

A demure looking George in solo mode.
Or was it that Mike took the photo from across the desk?

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